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Upper West Side

11:36 a.m. on Monday, December 15

What are you doing today?

Today I have a day off actually. But my normal day, I usually have the night shift and stay awake until six or seven o’clock. So I wake up around ten or eleven.

We do some wood carvings here. The main focus is to use all of the leftovers and to recycle them and make art. A piece of art which is unique because it comes from a tree and every tree is unique. Like a person. You cannot find a similar tree, so everything that we make is unique and alive. When you take it into your home it starts changing color because it gets dry.

What's your favorite part of the day?

Early in the morning, when I wake up. Late night, when I have finished the job and we have a small meeting with all of the people that we work with. We have a dinner and we talk about how the day went and what the plan is for tomorrow.

What are you doing tomorrow?

I’ll be here as usual, camping on Columbus Avenue. It’s not camping because we don’t have a tent, but it’s like camping because it’s a nomadic way of life. Waiting for the New Yorkers to come and buy the perfect tree from us and keep alive this tradition. It seems like New Yorkers love this custom. It’s my first time doing this.

The most intense moment I’ve had so far was when I made a delivery to a big house. When the elevator opened, and the small children saw the big tree we were delivering, they started jumping all around “Here’s the tree, here’s the tree!” To me, this is priceless.