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McCarren Park

9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 16

What are you doing today?

I had breakfast already, in the park here. And now after I finish doing this crossword puzzle and the rest of the paper, I’ll go and get another paper and do the crossword puzzle. Then I’m going to take a long walk into Williamsburg.

I’m new to this area, so I like to walk, and walk, and walk. I’ll take a three hour walk this afternoon. I’m looking for something. I walked by it one day. On any one of the streets, just between Kent and Bedford. And, I came by a little theater that looked interesting, but I didn’t note it. So now I’m searching the streets. I’ve got to go find it. I started yesterday, did about three hours, walking around and I still have about eight more streets to do there. It looked like it was very small. So I want to catch that and see what their schedule is, and what they have there.

I moved from Manhattan. Actually, I’ll tell you the whole story. I used to live on 36th St. And the guy, I knew he was having problems with the building, it was a five story walkup. And he kept on renovating the building, and not reporting it to the proper people. He’d be selling it to members of his family, so he’d have to start all over again. So, finally the judge got fed up, told the Buildings Department and the Fire Department, go over there and if it’s illegal, shut it down. Out of about twenty apartments, there was only one legal apartment. And the fireman said to me, “it’s not yours.” So the Red Cross put us up in a hotel for two days and now I’m living at the Y, trying to save enough money to get an apartment. But hey, a lot of people have it worse than me.

I like this neighborhood, and I don’t think I can afford Manhattan anymore. So I’ve got to wait another couple of weeks, save some more money, and go to a real estate agent. I’ve gone to a couple to get an idea, and if I can’t find anything here, my niece lives in Astoria. She says “Uncle Frank, we’ve got plenty of room over here.” I used to go out with a girl there, so I know the area. I’ve hung out in it, what have you.

But here I like it. If I had all my stuff with me, I’d be working out for two hours in the morning. Jogging, pushups against the bench, I have these weights that I walk with and jog with. So I like to be near McCarren Park. There are other small parks, but the thing that keeps me going, like when I lived on the west side of Manhattan, I’d go up the river one time, and down the river the next day. It keeps you going. Here I can go around different trails and they’ve got the track over there.

That’s my story.

What's your favorite part of the day?

In the late afternoon, when I sit down and have a few beers with some people around here. I’ve only been here six weeks and I’m already treated like family by a lot of people. I like the people here.

What are you doing tomorrow?

If I don’t find that today, I’m going to repeat it again until I find it. But I think I’ll find it today. If not, I’m going to go see the Tom Hanks movie tomorrow afternoon.