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On a Wednesday

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Fort Greene Park

11:36 a.m. on Wednesday, September 3

What are you doing today?

I’m just sitting and relaxing in the park, enjoying my day. I’m on break right now. Usually, I come to the park and change garbage… and, well, I don’t do much. Some days we have entertainment going on right by the monument. So we enjoy the dancing and sometimes people come out with their speakers. The other day we had a wedding out here.

After work I deal with the kids. Usually I’m taking them to another park. There’s always something going on here in New York, a parade or something. I get them out of the house to do something.

What's your favorite part of the day?

At night when I get to relax and get settled. I enjoy watching movies. I’m a homebody, an old soul. I’m out all day, but I like being in more than I like being out. I have kids, so after work I like to do something with them as well.

What are you doing tomorrow?

Tomorrow I’m working again, 8 o’clock to 4:30.